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ZGTS derma roller 540 needles titanium derma roller needles
  • ZGTS derma roller 540 needles titanium derma roller needles
  • Product:
    ZGTS derma roller 540 needles titanium derma roller needles

  • Model Number:
    540 needles derma roller 003

  • Description:
    ZGTS derma roller 540 needles derma roller titanium alloy
  • ZGTS derma roller 540 needles titanium derma roller needles


    How it works:

    Micro-needle therapy in the implementation process will be a bit like bleeding wounds, however small, after treatment course conclusion ice compress calm,on the patient face only will also be left over like has been bitten by the mosquito, such as Little Red-off point, easy to repair the short duration by young people to accept. In addition, as used in the treatment principle for one side to repair damage to the side of the two-way street therapy.In the use of micro-needles can be added when the active ingredients so that the skin is absorbed. Such as vitamin C, collagen, hyaluronic acid, EGF essence and Fiber-stimulating hormone, etc. As the micro-needle roller small, so the skin will heal quickly, post-operative care is simple, no recovery, no anti-triad period, and will not leave behind any scar.


    Treatment Applications of different skin-entry depth
    0.5mm-wrinkle removal, whitening, freckle recommended 0.25mm
    1.0mm/1.5mm-get rid of stretch marks (orange peel pattern of thin lines) is recommended 2.0mm-hair growth treatment is recommended 1.5mm
    0.2mm/0.3mmremove redness, eye recommended 0.2-mm-0.3mm long micro-needle.
    1.0mm/1.5mm-rosacea, concave scars, acne pits, scar repair recommended


    Needle Lenghth and Use By
    0.20mm--Home Use 1.00mm--Medical Use
    0.25mm--Home Use 1.50mm--Physician Use
    0.30mm--Home Use 2.00mm--Physician Use
    0.50mm--Clinical Use
    Skin rejuvenation,skin whiten,hair care,wrinkle removal,
    spot removal,cellulite removal,scars removal,large pore reduced.




     Rolling Frequency:
    0.5mm: 2-3 times a week
    1.0mm: Once a week
    1.5mm: Once every two weeks if used lightly, once every 3-4 weeks if used more vigorously.
    2.0mm: Once every five weeks

    Remember that collagen production takes several months of skin needling before you see any difference. Have patience and results will come.


    Use Method:
    Different needle length takes a different using method
    The size of 0.25--0.50mm use method is:in the skin on the circle treatment.
    The size of 1.00--2.00mm use method is:likes the stamp roller using way(stamp on the skin)


    Characteristics of therapy:
    Does not destroy the structural integrity of the skin
    And gradually remove the skin deep toxins and waste
    The ability to stimulate the skin healing and promote skin metabolism, to maintain skin elasticity Activate the cells, repair damaged tissue, directly involved in cell metabolism, to Phytosome, promotion, whitening, anti-aging effects
    The unique bio-active ingredients to enhance the promotion of cell-mediated immunity, slow down skin aging, long term to keep the young state
    Wound healing using the natural ability to induce the skin's own collagen nutrition and growth
    No side effects, efficacy and safe and reliable, simple operation, non-invasive
    The security natural, easy to see instant changes of the skin


    1. Wrinkle removal,acne removal,improve scar, rejuvenation
    2. For the narrow focus of the site can be treated(glabella, depth, wrinkle, scar)
    3. Shrink pores4. treatment of stria gravidarum
    5. Face Lifting
    6. Treatment of acne scars and healing wounds

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